Twin Chapels resort – means golf in Prague, still in the countryside.

Golf from the very beginning has always been a game that people play not only for the sports experience and to meet friends, but also to be in contact with nature. And right nowadays, when we experience climatic changes, their impacts on ecosystems and a lack of greenery in urbanised areas, golf courses are gaining importance for their use for sports and relaxation, as well as from the perspective of nature and landscape conservation, which is particularly true for big cities.

The 27-hole Twin Chapels Golf Resort Praha being newly built on almost one hundred hectares in Prague (Vinoř) is located near the Ctěnice Grove and the Vinoř Park. By converting the originally dusty agricultural areas into the sports and recreational resort, the area will be of great value with respect to its landscape and nature.


  • The design and character of the Twin Chapels golf resort fully respects the surrounding landscape and local conditions, without any extraneous materials used during construction and with the soil remaining balanced.

  • The Twin Chapels project puts great emphasis on economical water management. The golf course irrigation system is based on utilisation of treated waste water from the nearby wastewater treatment plant (in Kbely) and therefore, no precious resources of drinking or ground water will be used! The concept of water retention in the landscape is designed as a system of water features with a litoral region and marshes.

  • Golf = greenery! Grassy areas of the golf course are complemented with extensively maintained grass, meadows and solitary trees and other plants, mostly broad-leaved trees.

  • To increase biodiversity in the area in question, measures will be undoubtedly taken in the current non-functioning TSES (Territorial System of Ecological Stability) in addition to the other, above-mentioned measures.

  • During golf course maintenance, environmental parameters, including emissions, will be monitored, which will be significant for selecting a supplier of maintenance machines, suppliers of materials from the local resources or a supplier of electrical service carts.